Tuesday, May 25, 2010

App update + in the news!

We're famous! Well...  sort of! (not sure about the pic!)

We were recently interviewed by the local paper - The Brighton Argus. We're featured in the Business section today!

Anyway, that aside, I thought I'd talk about some of the improvements in the upcoming version. Updating the app is very important - we want you to have the most up to date data as we can. It's always being added to and evolving during the run up to the festivals. However, there's a fair bit of technical crunch going on to make this happen and sometimes, depending on the connection you have, it can take a long time.

V1.0.1 now has a few considerations to ease this. Firstly you can now toggle auto update in the iPhone settings under the Festival Star section. Secondly, the heavy updating is now only going to happen once a day. So - the first time you fire the app up each day it's going to go off and update itself with all the new/changed data. It's important you let it finish this process. Once it's done - it's done for the day.

If you want to try and preserve battery life while at the festival you can simply toggle the auto update mode - this will stop it from updating at all.

I'm now working on some of the more interesting functions - the bits I really wanted to get in there:
  • 'Near Me' - find out what's near you. You'll be presented with a list of the friends, stages, bars, toilets etc in order of distance from your current location.
  • 'Clash List' it is what it is!
  • 'Who's playing right now near me' - find out who's playing on what stages, right now, in order of distance from where you are.
  • Crowd sourced PhotoSynths - this is truly amazing and I hope we can get it ready and you all get involved because it is seriously cool stuff. More about this when we're nearer to building it :)
This will be available in V2.0 - which I am hoping will be in the AppStore before Download Festival.

Talking of Download - Jon Parr Parr has been busy working like a loon on the new admin site adding all of the stage data for Download. I'm going to map it tomorrow so it will all be ready for you by the time the new update comes along. Small tip 'o the hat to the lovely @MelNoir  for encouraging us to get Download in the app in time :)

I know some people have had a bit of a problem with the V1.0 app - we're really sorry about the headache and promise the next version is a lot more stable, a lot more data and we're bringing a lot more cool features. [we snuck in 'My Locations' to V1.0.1 :) ]

We'll be tweeting when the update is available and really look forward to your feedback - if you have any questions, problems, suggestions -whatever - feel free to tap us up here, on twitter @festivalstar or by email (details on our site).

We're also doing another poll: http://twtpoll.com/8cyc4k