Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bug fixes and new features

After launching yesterday we realised pretty quick that there were some areas that needed looking at immediately. Mainly the lineup section. I'll spare you the geek blurb for the reasons why we were suffering crashes in this area and just deliver the good news that I've managed to track the bug and tomorrow, after more testing, I'll be pushing a V1.1 build to the AppStore.

This build has some other bug fixes and feature upgrades - some you'll be able to see right away, and some (related to downloading and supporting new events) you won't until we're ready with the data for other festivals - which won't be long :) - (you get a hint of the first few at the start of the video below)

The main new feature will be the 'My Maps' section where you can tag locations and find your way back to them later (i.e. your car, your tent etc). Here's a short video showing this section working:

The reason I used the houses of parliament and the moon as locations are that the emulator I use for dev doesn't have a camera - on your phone it will offer you the opportunity to take a fresh pic or use one from your phones albums. You just name it and save it. After that you can just scroll through your saved locations and click 'View on map' to see where it is in relation to where you are. I'm going to be adding some form of compass to this so it can point you in the right direction though it won't know about tents and walls and stuff so you're going to need to keep your wits about you to some extent!

Another new feature is the ability to toggle automatic updates through the iPhones Settings app. This will simply mean that the app won't check for new data every time you fire it up. There's a plus and a negative to this:
  • plus: quicker startup time - you just go straight into the app.
  • negative: you will need to remember to switch it back on from time to time to get the new info form the server.
This isn't offline mode, you can still view maps, weather etc as normal. When the app detects there is no internet connection it will automatically fall into offline mode and use the data it has stored.

That's all for today. Before this build goes off to review I'll be finishing off the clash list screens and doing a ton more testing. I expect to be uploading tomorrow night and with any luck it'll be available for download by weds. Though this is quite an unpredictable area of iPhone dev.

A huge thanks to everyone who's downloaded the app already and had the patience to stick with us while we work out the teething bugs and get our feet on the ground :)