Monday, May 10, 2010

Device/Event support

As we get nearer to launch we're getting more questions about what devices we plan to support and what events we're going to be providing info on. We already have plans to launch with 2/3 events - this is as much as we can take while we finish off the app, there will be tons more after launch.

Devices are a little more difficult both in terms of actually building the app for that device and in terms of deciding which devices to support first. I read a report recently saying that Android has out paced iPhone in the states so I suspect the next device is going to be between BB (which currently has most penetration in the US) and Android. We do get a lot of requests to do a version for Nokia handsets also. If it were down to me I'd like to tackle Android next - IMO the technology is open and very exciting at the moment. As it becomes popular, interest from the open source development community builds and that's when some great things are going to happen. So, to make this fair - I've decided to put this question to you the (hopefully soon to be) user :)

If you want Nokia support - please leave a comment with the type of Nokia device you'd like to see support for.

We'll be adding a screen in app where you can give feedback and request support for events.