Friday, May 21, 2010

Festival Star v1.0 is live!!!

We're very happy to announce that V1.0 Festival Star is live in the AppStore!

Before you download we'd just like to make a couple things clear:

This is an early release of the software, V2.0 will be off to the AppStore this weekend which has some major feature upgrades. If you want to see the app in its early stages then go grab it, it will update for free when the next version is released. Updates generally happen quicker than initial releases so we're hoping this version will be available for download mid next week.

We're adding data and new events all the time and one of the problems with building this kind of app is that the set times are only released near the time of the event, we'll update you when we have updated the set times for each event to the actual set times. Your app will automatically update when the new data is available.

Please don't rate us using this version as there will be incomplete data for the glasto section until later today.

We're working on bringing as many festivals to the app as possible - if you have a specific one you'd like to see added, or if you're an event organiser feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do :)

Festivals we're already working on adding:
  • The Trip
  • Download Festival
  • Glasto
  • One Love Festival
The app will download the initial data the first time you fire it up. This initial download pulls all of the event and map data from the server and may take a short while. In the next version automatic update is a preference which you can turn off if you wish.

 We'll be working on the Android version plus the PhotoSynth crowdsource stuff and also IBZstar after this week!! Good times and loads of exciting anouncements coming.

Here's the link: