Monday, May 24, 2010

Improved backend!

Some people have been asking about the data we've currently got in the app (or lack of). This weekend I spent working hard to get the next version out (with improvements and bug fixes) as well as building a better admin site for us to add data.

The resulting application lets us add events, acts, stages and sets to the app completely remotely, with ease. This means that adding requested events to the app is now super easy :)

As we add data in the admin app - your application can update itself and it will be available to you!

Here's a quick screencast showing the process of adding an act to an event (Download festival)

I hope this will help put your mind at rest as to how serious we are about adding data and filling this app out.

We're very serious about making Festival Star the best festival app out there and your feedback is what helps us do this :)