Saturday, May 1, 2010

Progress Update

After a lot of refactoring and restructuring the code to allow us to support multiple festivals in one app - we're now back to a position where we can start on new dev. Jon has nearly finished the new site and app assets and i'm now working on importing geo data into the database.

A massive thanks to everyone that submitted pics to us for use in the site - we're using some in the holding page at the new website: and Jon is going to be using a lot more of them in the actual site - which will be ready any day now!

The data we're using for each festival is coordinate and information pertaining to each location. This will allow us to provide a rich user experience as they move about the site. We've teamed up with a community based project who have painstakingly gathered and collated detailed information. The proceeds from the licensing relating to this partnering will be donated to charity!

As a side, I think it's important that we stress the fact that we are a small project with no affiliation to any of the festivals we're supporting.

I'm hoping to have a little teaser vid up on YouTube showing the app with some of the features running later in the weekend :)

Exciting times!