Monday, May 31, 2010

We need you!!

Although we test the app on multiple phones, using multiple versions of the iPhone OS and different conditions, it looks like some issues are slipping through the net.
I have a good idea of what is wrong and how to fix it and that is what I'll be doing most of this week. However, deploying the app (and it's no simple app behind the scenes) to hundreds of devices is a lot different to testing on a few dev devices.

We're looking for some help from the amazing community of festival fans in the form of beta testers.

What does this entail? Not a lot really: I install the app on your phone, you use it as normal. That's pretty much it. If you experience problems all we ask is that you describe what you were doing when the problem arose, whether or not you were using wireless and what happened.

You get to try out the new features before anyone else and you get a free install of the app :)

The only catch is that I need to physically be there to install the app, this is a restriction of the developer license. I spend my days rocking between London and Brighton so if you, or someone you know who'll be up for this, has an iPhone or iPod Touch and lives in South London or in or near Brighton and There are no catches if you fancy giving the app a run for its money we'd really love to hear from you.

All I need is for you to give me your device id - you can get that by following the simple steps here:

Then I send you 2 files:
  1. a provisioning profile
  2. the app
These both just get dragged into iTunes and away you go! 

Just grab us on Twitter @festivalstar, through our contacts on our site: or add a comment here.

Making this app as stable as possible is my main priority right now. Most of the feature upgrades for V2 are now done and so is the integration for the admin site. Any help we can get from you guys would be amazing.

I'm going to be sorting things out and tarting up the code and then I'll be ready by the weekend to send you the files.

Looking forward to hearing from you :)