Tuesday, June 1, 2010

V2 stablilty

I've narrowed down the source of the intermittent crashes some people have been experiencing. It basically happens when the app closes and it saves it's data for offline mode, the iPhone terminates the application if it takes more than a certain amount of time. Whether or not it's actually finished saving data. On some phones it can finish on time. On devices with less resources this is not always the case and so the data ends up in an inconsistent state. Hence the random crashes.

To overcome this I've split out the serialization of the collections of data depending on whether or not they are user editable. Things like starred bands, user locations, friends etc are all serialized on exit. Collections of data that don't change as the user moves about the app are serialized straight after synchronisation with the server. This has bought down the time the app needs to prepare for exit and has - as far as all my tests so far go - abolished the issue. 

I'm going to continue to test this over the coming week while I develop the final features for V2 and prepare for the push to the AppStore.

We've been adding more data to the admin site, Jon has loaded in most of the acts for V and I have started entering real times for Download festival. To be honest I haven't had as much time as I'd have liked today to enter data as I've been tied up figuring out these intermittent crashes. Tomorrow should be a healthy balance of data/development- including more mapping data for Download and a start on some of the other festivals we have in the pipeline.

Thanks to all the guys who volunteered to test the app - I intend to get a build off to you as soon as I can.