Monday, June 7, 2010

V2.0 - tonight we fly!!!

Today is the day. We have been testing and developing for v2 and tonight we are confident we will be pushing V2 out the door.

V1.0 and V1.0.1 had some issues, firstly regarding the line-up views and latterly concerning data corruption. We have taken steps to ensure this is not happening in V2.0 and we're confident that your experience in this new version will be much smoother. Thanks to all the guys who provided feedback and helped me pin down the data corruption bug - that was a hectic one to find I can tell you!

V2.0 also brings the following new features:
  • Near Me - see what's near you including your friends, stages, bars and toilets
  • Guides - Provided courtesy of Simply The Fest
  • Now/Next - see who's playing now and next on each stage - thanks to Damo for that great idea
  • Notifications - when you star a band to add to your schedule you'll now be sent a reminder 15 mins before they start their set to remind you that you wanted to be there. Notifications can be turned off/on from the Notifications section in the iPhone Settings app.
  • Reset app - if anything does happen to corrupt the data in your app you can now reset it back to its original state. This can be done from the settings app. When you start the app up next time it will delete it's cache of data and re-fetch it from the server. You won't lose any data such as starred stage times or friends lists as this is all associated to your login.
  • Feedback: just a nice simple way for you guys to get in touch. We're also going to use this for people to notify us of any secret gigs they hear about. If we get more than 2 of the same tip offs we'll send out a  notification to all the users to alert everyone!
Looking ahead to V3.0!!

So, what next! Well there are a few areas up for improvement such as memory usage, data storage and some bits in the admin site but that's all quite boring. Within the next few weeks we'll be adding:
  • Twitter friends locations -  regardless of whether they use the app or not - you'll still be able to find them - provided their twitter client logs geo info. Most good Twitter clients have the ability to do this.
  • Facebook integration: add friends from facebook - this will be much the same sort of process as Twitter integration but for facebook friends :)
  • Better network management - because you'll be able to import _all_ of your friends from Twitter/facebook - a lot of this info will be irrelevant so we're adding the ability to remove people from your network. We're also adding tags - so you can filter friends by tags.
I'm also going to be spending a few days next week building the Android version! Busy, busy, busy!!

We are super hyped about V2.0 and hope you guys love it. It's turning into (we think anyway!) a really useful app that will add to your experience and will continue to improve over time.

One last note - we are aware that some people have managed to obtain and distribute pirate versions of Festival Star. This isn't really that cool - we are only a small company starting up and don't actually come near to making any money out of this yet. V2.0 will bring an end to this and previous versions of the app will stop working early next week. If we don't do this we won't be able to continue with the project and everybody loses out. We aren't a big corp, we dont splatter ads throughout the app. £2.99 isn't that much when you consider this has taken months to develop and actually utilises some cutting edge tech! I guess it's a bit of a compliment that people go through the effort and want it - but not one we can afford. Maybe at some point in the future we can do a free - minimal version - we can't afford to do that yet. And we owe it to our paying customers to protect our longevity.