Friday, July 9, 2010

Android Version of Festival Star - update

While I have been toying with a project to get an Android version of Festival Star out the door. We've just been given a boost in the form of MonoDroid. This will mean I can scrap the java version I have been working with and step right up with the c# build using Monodroid.

Even though Java is a mature and full fledged programming language, I find it too academic and inconsistent. I find C# much more expressive and it's ability to communicate with WCF services and LINQ are just too good to deny! You can check out Monodroid here

This means I can port over a lot of the existing code, build in the Android specific UI code and interact in a standard way with the DB and our exisitng web services. In short, it wont take me long to get the Android version out the door!!

The two builds wont be exactly the same. For instance, the work we're doing on the 3D maps use some specific features to the iPhone, we may be able to port that over at some point but initially the Android version will be a few steps behind the iPhone version.

We're well impressed with the guys at Novelle, they are doing some amazing work and we look forward to beta testing Monodroid!