Friday, July 9, 2010

Feature Teaser!

While I have been working hard on getting v3 out the door, I have been looking ahead to the newest and greatest features we have planned for next year: Improved maps.

I don't just mean improved - I mean maps on steroids. Here's a teaser:

This is very early days development but over the course of the summer we're going to be working on bringing in 3D terrain,  annotations and layers to mark out regions (site areas, camping zones etc) as well as merging this with augmented reality to bring some serious cool to the app.

Back on planet earth though, I am nearly done with the Sqlite upgrade (making the app faster and more stable as well as able to handle more data). 

Some of the features to be included with V3 include:
  • iTunes integration (view and preview songs for artists in the app).
  • Create and view reviews for bands, map locations (food stalls etc).
  • Facebook integration + improved twitter integration 
  • A website (though this is very early in dev) - where you can log in, upload photos, manage your festivals and save your festival history as well as connect with friends and share schedules etc.
We are nearly ready to start pushing out beta builds to our testers (I finally got ad-hoc working!!). If you're interested in helping out by previewing a beta version of V3 then leave a note here with your twitter name or email and we'll send you some info on how to get started.

If you have any suggestions for any of the above let me know and we'll try and take it on board for V3.