Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick post: We need your photos!!

We'd like to create a photosynth of the main stage using your pics. The original plan was to use the app to upload photos but this would be too unreliable onsite and also a battery drain.

What we need: we need photos from all angles of the pyramid stage, so as many as we can get from the area in front of the pyramid, not just looking at the pyramid (i.e. looking up the hill as well) but they need to have been taken from anywhere in front of the stage, going all the way up to the tree. Basically the more pics we get the better the effect will be. If you can email the photos to with the subject glastopix

They can be from previous years - in fact, that might even make it more interesting!

This will be our little way of thanking you guys for your support and for having patience while we work out the creases. We understand a few of you had issues with the app onsite. Festival Star is a complicated app and no other app tries to do all the things we're trying to master. We are learning along the way but we will master it and you will have a gem of an app. V3 is already underway and the core of the app is being rebuilt from the ground up with a more sophisticated database, better synchronisation with the server, better ways of connecting with your friends and more control over the data you see in the app (add/remove festivals for instance).

With the release of iOS4 we can now add layers over maps, so we can highlight areas of the site instead of just showing the satelite view.  Also better scheduling features to help you build your plan and more detail at every level.

We've had some pretty harsh reviews and while most of the comments are fair, some are quite hurtful and actually personal. We care a lot about this and we try our hardest to listen and respond to feedback. If you have any questions we can't make getting on contact any easier:

Twitter: @festivalstar

We will improve the app and work hard to bring in new and innovative features.

Finally, it looks like we may be bringing on a #3 to the team - one of the guys who was on the original team for the other app - you know, the late one (but the original version of that) - he takes care of QA and UX design. We're commited to making Festival Star #1 and we're gaining traction.