Tuesday, July 20, 2010

V3 Beta 1

I've just uploaded the V3 b1 to the server for our registered volunteer testers to download. Please remember when using this build that it is a very early beta for v3. This build has a few areas where the optimizations haven't been completed and some areas where errors will throw the app out.

In order to overcome the issues we've seen so far I had to basically rip the whole core of the app out and replace it with a much more sophisticated set up. Non of this is immediately visible from the UI, but you will start to see faster loading times, faster UI interaction, more stable updates, better upgrade experience and a lot more. Once I have this part of V3 completed I can focus on the new and wonderful feature upgrades. This beta is about 80% through the first stage of upgrading the core framework that pulls the strings of the app.

The main areas I'd like feedback on are the search, update and lineups (though not actually anything in the band detail screen - this has only just been started and some may not work at the mo). Feedback would basically cover things like responsiveness, speed actually loading the screen, crashes etc.

We'd love to have any design or wider app feedback too, if you have anything you'd like to suggest, alter, change, add, remove or whatever! Now is the time to mention it :)

Thanks for helping us get Festival Star stable and helping us improve it. We really do appreciate your efforts and it means a lot to know that people like the app and want to see it improve.

The beta can be downloaded from : http://theguidestar.com/betaz.zip

Install instructions:
  1. unzip the file
  2. open itunes
  3. drag the Festival_Star_Ad_Hoc(2).mobileprovision to the apps section of the left hand menu in itunes. It will highlight the section of the menu when you hover over it so you'll know you're about to drop it to the right place.
  4. once the provisioning file is copied into itunes, just drag the FestivalStar.app file to the same place in itunes
  5. sync your device
If you have any problems just give me a shout and I'll see what I can do to help get it installed :)

If you missed out sending your UDID to me this time - fret not - I will be able to add you to the next build which will be in a couple of days.