Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New site - New name

It's been a long time since we've given any news about Festival Star. We're busy building a new website which will act as the hub for the apps (iPhone/Android versions) as well as bring a whole new set of features which will be reflected in the apps when we get to refresh them after we've launched the site.

We're building the site to give you guys a space to manage your festival related stuff and do a lot of the stuff you can do in the app (build schedules, connect with friends etc) plus some.It's going to branch out from the festival theme a little too - so you can start planning more than just your trip to your favorite festival and start thinking about local music events and your trip to Miami for the WMC :)

While we don't want to give too much away- we're stuck for a name for the new site! So, we're putting it to you guys to help us out. The requirements are simple - it needs to be:
  • Catchy - in a web 2.0 (cringe) type of way
  • Must be able to get the domain name for it
  • No swear words
  • Related to the festival/music scene in some way or another
We've been thinking about various mutations of words like:
  • assembly
  • huddle
  • powow
  • campfire
You get the drift - it's about getting everyone together, organised and buzzed to get on the road to the festival!

Email the ideas to wayne@prjatk.com and once we've decided we'll announce the chosen name (and potentially some sort of prize in the form of some Brothers cider or somthing)