Monday, October 28, 2013

Taking a stab at generating strongly typed Facebook Graph C# classes for .Net/Asp.Net (My attempt) [REPOST]

The facebook API is flakey to work with at the best of times. However as Deap mentioned on his blog post: facebook documentation requires login (showstopper) it’s gotten even worse if you want to automate the process by scraping the docs. I’ve managed to take a stab at this using a different method to retrieve the docs – this method allows us to 1st login to the FB docs and then scrape away – building up the strongly typed objects on the way. Here’s my branch: FacebookSdk-contrib on github. This is using HtmlUnit – a Java project – so we’re also using a wrapper to use it under the IKVM runtime. It’s nearly there. Just some final bits to iron out. w:/