Monday, July 28, 2014

Sonatribe conversations platform - CQRS knockout - part 1: CQRS Journey

I'm about to start hacking away at a new part of the sonatribe API - a feature we've been calling Conversations. I've been a fan of CQRS/ES for a while now and think that the natural way that a conversation is a stream makes it a very good fit for some event store goodness.

Where as I used JOlivers EventStore in the past itteration of sonatribe (we attempted to make the whole site using CQRS/ES at one point but struggled with infrastructure and complexity) - things have moved on since then. Most notably Microsoft have done a whole Patterns & Practices feature on CQRS/ES and there is now code available that can be used in projects like this. And perhaps more exciting is the fact that is out in the wild and ready for use!

Before I go running in and developing the platform with one or the other I decided to take them both for a spin. Starting with the MS P&P Cqrs Journey code I made a pretend set up so I could asses which would be better suited to our needs.

I guess the main concerns for me are:

  • Simple dev cycle- as I mentioned above - complexity seemed to be a major time burner for us before - I want this implementation to be drastically simpler.
  • Testable - this is a blatant must - previously this was quite hard - there was very little guidance here also.
  • It needs to be able to run on my laptop on a train! I do a lot of this work during my commute!
So - taking the CQRS Journey code ( I hacked away and took out the bits I didn't like, the bits I didn't need and added some bits I felt I wanted. Mainly I don't like Unity IOC - I feel like you have to hold it's hand far too much. I initially tried swapping in Funq but it was too simple in features so ended up with Castle Windsor - my old time favourite but might be a bit bloaty for some.  

I only managed to port over the SQL bits - the Azure ServiceBus part is not working yet and probably won't - for reasons I'll specify in my next post. 

I also decided to use RavenDb as my read model - Table Storage is OK but RavenDb is absolutely nuts in terms of speed and simplicity. 

My opinion after all this is: It's nice to have all the code - esp for the event store, the publishers and recievers etc. There is a _lot_ of config and messing about with the original code - I tried to simplify this by registering the command and event handlers by convention but it still feels very "ceremony" 

Next up I'll be taking for a spin - a very quick and simple dive into getting a command through an API and eventually handling the command to maintain a read model  - exactly the same scenario as the CQRS Journey try out - just using as my event store...

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