Monday, October 20, 2014

Working with .NET on ubuntu

If you're a .NET dev interested in finding out what it's like to develop .NET apps on Ubuntu the cross over can be quite painful. I've created a vagrant box which comes loaded with the bleeding edge MonoDevelop (actually compiled from the source).

To get started you need vagrant installed. You can run this on any OS: OSX, Windows or Ubuntu. You'll also need VirtualBox - both free and OS :)
Then just pull my vagrant config from the repo.

All you need to do then is open a terminal in that directory and type:

vagrant up 


It takes a while to get loaded 1st time as it builds MonoDevelop from source but it's all set up and ready to go when it's finished.

Vagrant is a great tool, lots of NET developers might not have heard of it but it makes creating dev (and prod) environments super easy.

Enjoy :)

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