Regression testing ServiceStack services with RavenDB embeded

One of the great things about using RavenDB and ServiceStack on Sonatribe is the ability to spin the whole system up inside a unit test. ServiceStack offers AppHostHttpListenerBase which can run in process and RavenDB offers the embeded database which can run in-memory. The fact that these two run in-process and in-memory means that regression testing Sonatribe REST services is simple and fast. Almost as fast as unit testing!

To be able to run tests like the following regression test:

I use the AppHostHttpListenerBase in my BaseTest class. Which is roughly the same as the following:

Now, When I inherit from SelfHostedBaseTest each test spins up a new host and a new in-memory RavenDB instance. This means I have a clean slate for each test, ideal for running everything in isolation. Not only this but I am also testing my services in the exact same stack as they run in production!